Saturday, 17 December 2011


DAY 14:

Well, that was a good shift.

In the face of widely publicised nationwide strikes and walk-outs, a highly embarrassed top brass stepped in, and we've all just been paid an emergency, non-taxable hand-out, in cash. (We'll wait and see if any additional monies earned come through too.)

After that, the night went from strength to strength, as evinced by the following conversation with the young Bangladeshi lad, sorting mail beside me.

"So, is you full-time then, bruv?"
"Who me? No mate, I'm just a Christmas casual, like yourself."

"Oh, you is a graduate then, innit."

"Ha... about 20 years ago."


"Well, exactly how old do you think I am?"

"26? 30, maybe?"

I gave him my last Rowntrees fruit pastille in gratitude.


  1. Hi there.
    Enjoyed reading this.
    I did this job last year in Cardiff ( and loved it - maybe it's a bit more humane this side of the Severn; it's certainly better paid (£8ph).
    This year, I went to the 'recruitment event' in Oct. I got a provisional offer letter & was told where I'd be working. They said I'd be written to shortly confirming this. Then - nothing.
    They've ignored my emails and there's no other way to get hold of them - no addresses, no phone numbers on any of their correspondence.
    (I hated those tiny cards too.)

  2. Hi me again just wondered if you'd seen this?